• Mr.imalonewolf

    This June there will be an update coming and once it does, if the A39 Tortoise comes to this update then i will straight up buy it. Keep in mind that the A39 Tortoise hasnt been confirmed to the game i'm only going to give my opinion on its stats in case it does come out in the June update.

    As you know the A39 Tortoise was a British heavy assault gun developed during the Second World War. It was developed for the task of clearing heavily fortified areas such as the Siegfried Line and as a result favoured armour protection over mobility.

    Here's what I think the stats should be for this vehicle.

    Tier: 5

    HP: 1400

    Damage: 1620 (D2-5T gun)

    Reload time: 20 seconds

    Average pen: 192

    Speed: 25 km/h

    Armour: 178/228/33 mm

    ​​​​​DPM: about 1200

    Acceleration rate:…

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  • Parker6352524z4z4

    ARL 44 talk page

    February 21, 2020 by Parker6352524z4z4

    Guys let’s talk bout the ARL 44 and what some of us tankers like about it

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  • BlackGamerPro1


    February 3, 2020 by BlackGamerPro1

    so um what the fuck is  a blog

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  • Jamjah1979

    he is da big chungus better than small chung and medium chungue

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  • Jamjah1979

    what the heck jamjah19179 ?!?!? you are da cring !!! >:((((

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  • ThePerfectItalyball

    bad editors

    March 7, 2019 by ThePerfectItalyball

    so, you might be wondering, who the heck keeps editing the pages over the last few minutes/days (also excuse my extremely shit grammar). well.... there is a reason for it, some day ago, you might remember the "Eaeaeas" guy who edited half of a page into a total, nonsense rhymes, for example, "It's here and it's queer". no im not gonna lie, this did in fact, happened. the contributors and i began to vandalize his info for trying to vandalize the wiki intended for people who wanted to look at the stats. then, yesterday, on discord, baub posted an picture of someone creating the "Czechoslovakia" page from an user goes by the name "RiskoZoSlovenska", whom moved the LT vz page to the new page, he hadn't research about the tank before making the…

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  • Jamjah1979

    Maus component images

    February 18, 2019 by Jamjah1979

    pee pee poo poo

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  • GD-2 Predator

    The Maus was the largest tank ever build. Only 2 Maus tanks were build, with only 1 fully completed. It’s armament consisted of a 12.8 cm kwk 44 l/55 main cannon and a secondary 7.5 cm kwk 44 l/36.5 cannon. With a top speed of 20 km/h (12 Mp/h), it was incredibly slow.

    Earlier drafts of the Maus showed that the maus was first planned to be equipped with the 15.0 cm kwk 44 L/38, but this was later replaced with the 12.8 cm kwk 44 L/55. There were also plans to fit the Maus with a new turret, this turret would be called the Maus II türm. This turret got rid of the awful shot trap that was present on the original turret.

    If the Maus ever wanted to cross a bridge it would have to go underwater (it’s massive weight prohibited it from crossing bri…

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  • GD-2 Predator

    The Landkreuzer was a German WWII Super Heavy Tank. It was never built. It’s Armament consisted of two 280mm 54.5 SK C/34 naval cannons, 3x 128mm kwk 44 l/55, 8x 20mm Flak38 and 2x 15mm MG 151/15. The Ratte was 39 meters long (128 ft). 14 meters wide (46 ft). And 11 meters tall (36 ft). It’s frontal armour was 360mm (14.2 inches). It’s sides were 250mm (9.8 inches). And it’s rear was 150mm (5.9 inches). The tank in total weight 1000 Tonnes! No bridge could ever take it’s weight, but it didnt need bridges since it could just cross rivers because of it’s massive size. Even though it had alot of anti air guns, it would be easy target for allied bombers.

    Not finished

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  • GD-2 Predator

    The Panther II was a German Medium tank from WWII. Only one Panther II prototype has been built. It’s main Armament was the Panther’s 7.5 cm kwk 42 L/70 or a 8.8 cm kwk 43 L/71, the latter being used by the Tiger II. The Panther II was a upgrade of the First Panther and had a increased armour thickness compared to it’s predecessor. The Panther II was going to share components with the Tiger II such as the transmission, all-steel 80 centrimetre diameter road-wheels and running gear to simplify production.

    Turret: The Panther II was going to mount a Versüchstürm which featured a narrower turret front that maximized protection while reducing the weight, this made the turret both cheaper and easier to produce than the standard Panther turret.


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  • GD-2 Predator

    The Fat Max was a Prototype German Tank Destroyer from WWII. Only two 10.5 cm K gp.Sfl’s have ever been built. It’s main Armament was a 10.5 cm K18 Field gun, a large muzzle brake was fitted to the end of the barrel to help reduce the massive recoil of the gun. The vehicle could carry 25 rounds of ammunition and lacked a machine gun.

    Design: The Fat Max was built on a heavily modified Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf E chassis with the turret removed and an open-topped superstructure added to house the main gun. A strange feature about the Fat Max was the fake driver’s compartment on the right side of the vehicle that matched the real driver’s compartment on the other side.

    History: The vehicle was first designed by Krupp in 1939 and was intended to …

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  • Kloie16

    Discord link pls?

    December 6, 2018 by Kloie16

    The title says it all

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  • SinfulLad

    It is because the ä in the other one?

    If so, if you (any Admin) are gonna delete any of them, you should keep this Pros and Cons (your choice)

    • Great top speed of 70 km/h.
    • Penetration value is acceptable.
    • Low profile.

    • Long reload time.
    • Low health.
    • Damage per shot is below average.
    • Very thin armor.
    • Acceleration rate is pretty limiting for this vehicle.
    • Its turning rate is noticeably absymal.
    • You will be very vulnerable to enemy fire if tracked.
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  • GD-2 Predator


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