France is one of the many nations in Tankery. There are currently 12 tanks in-game, 8 available in the shop with a default color of navy blue or dark green.

Tier Statistics

Low Tier (1-2)

Unlike most tech trees, the French tech tree includes very few non-premium tanks at low tier. These tanks consist of somewhat thick armor and excellent guns, which may cause problems for many enemy tanks that are engaging you. The downside of these tanks is their decent maneuverability, which players can take advantage of by flanking or overwhelming the user of that tank.

Mid Tier (3-4)

In Mid Tier, French tanks here can only be bought by gold, and only consist of two tanks, the AMX 13 75 and M4A1 Revalorise. Both tanks carry powerful guns, with the AMX 13 75 sporting an SA50 autoloader that can fire 6 rounds before its twenty-five-second magazine reload. But like all French tanks, these tanks consist of thin all-round armor and dull reload time, severely reducing suitability on the battlefield.

High Tier (5-6)

Although consisting of only two tanks at tier 5, many may find the AMX 13 90 and the AMX 50 100 disappointing in terms of gameplay. The AMX 13 90 is a substantial improvement over the 13 75 and consists of an autoloading 90 mm F3 gun that can penetrate up to 200 mm of armor. The downsides of this vehicle are relatively similar to the 13 75, poor armor but a much lengthier magazine reload of 42 seconds. The AMX 50 100 is an extremely challenging vehicle to play, sharing the same weaknesses as the AMX 13 90 additionally having less mobility, not to mention it's enormous size. It's typically recommended to play both tanks as a support tank, dishing damage for the team then taking cover to reload your clip.  All in all you should keep your hands-off from these tanks if you're a beginner. 


Please be aware that the required amount of playtime to acquire some tanks is not included in this table and will simply will be marked with a ⏰ and premium tanks/gold tanks are marked with a ⭐ and event tanks are marked with a 🎁.


Tank Name

Tank Type





Somua S-35 (Unobtainable) Cavalry Tank 0 0 0
Renault ACG-1 Cavalry Tank 0 0 0


Char B1 Bis Heavy Tank


15,000 0
Lorraine 39L Self-Propelled Heavy


51,000 1,500 0


M4A1 Revalorisé

Medium Tank 0 0 2,100
AMX 13 75

Light Tank 0 0 2,000
AMX 13 24

⭐ (Offsale)

Light Tank 0 0 3,300


AMX 13 152 (Unobtainable) Destroyer of Worlds 0 0 0
ARL-44 Heavy Tank 2,050,000 75,050 0
M4 FL-10 ⭐ Medium Tank 0 0 2,000


AMX 50 100 Heavy Tank 7,100,000 316,000 0
AMX 13 90


Light Tank 0 0 2,600



  • This tech tree is the first to mostly consist of premium tanks.
  • Similar to that of Great Britain, the French tech tree has no tier 6 Main Battle Tanks.
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