Great Britain is one of the nations in Tankery. British tanks offer the player acceptable armor and great guns appropriate to annoy the enemy, or to mount large offensives on the enemy. Currently, there are 18 British tanks with a default color of desert yellow.

Tier Playstyle

Low Tiers

At low tier, British tanks have low caliber guns that offer low DPS, high DPM and thin armour.

Mid Tiers

British Mid Tiers are mostly fast with good firepower, but this is done at the cost of armor. However, with the speed the tanks offer with the exception of the Centurion, they are quite good for annoying enemies and getting into position quickly.

High Tiers

At high tier, most British tanks have poor maneuverability. This poor maneuverability comes with great firepower and good armor. British high tier guns maintain a medium to large gun-caliber that can penetrate most tanks and can deal excellent DPS to the enemy. However, many of these guns have a long reload, making these tanks vulnerable when in combat against multiple tanks.

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Please be aware that the required amount of playtime to acquire some tanks is not included in this table and will simply will be marked with a ⏰ and premium tanks/gold tanks are marked with a ⭐ and event tanks are marked with a 🎁.


Tank Name

Tank Type





Crusader Mk II Cruiser Tank 0 0 0
Universal Carrier 2 pdrTank Destroyer 0 0 0


Cromwell Mk IV Medium Tank 300,000 13,055 0
Valentine Infantry Tank 120,000 3,500 0
Crusader SPG Tank Destroyer 400,000 17,000 0
Crusader Mk III Cruiser Tank 380,000 15,000 0


Sherman VC Firefly Medium Tank 945,000 28,850 0
Pz.Kpfw. V Ausf G "Cuckoo" Medium Tank 0 0 1,250
Churchill Mk III Heavy Tank 340,000 10,800 0
Churchill Mk VII Heavy Tank 900,000 26,700 0
M10 Achilles Tank Destroyer 930,000 29,700 0


A34 Comet Medium Tank 1.350,000 58,000 0
Charioteer Tank Destroyer 2,470,000 106,250 0
Centurion Mk III Main Battle Tank 2,350,000 100,000 0
A30 Challenger Tank Destroyer 1,380,000 216,000 0


Charioteer L7A1 Tank Destroyer 3,870,000 206,250 0
Centurion Mk 7/1 Main Battle Tank 3,515,000 150,000 0


Conqueror Heavy Tank 3,600,000 210,000 0


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