Japan is one of the nations in Tankery and the most recent added. Their tanks mostly consist of excellent firepower, good speed, and fast turret traverse. However, most tanks suffer from their "cardboard" armor, similar to that of the French tech tree. There are currently 9 Japanese tanks in-game in various colors of green.

Low Tiers

Japanese low tiers in Tankery are mostly small light tanks with a few exceptions. Japanese low tier tanks give the player a rather small profile while giving out a good speed with an exception of the Chi-Nu. The downsides of most of these tanks come from their thin armor and a somewhat lacking in firepower.

Mid Tiers

Japanese mid-tiers in Tankery consists of tanks with good firepower and being fairly maneuverable. These allows the tanks to be capable of packing a good punch while still being fairly maneuverable. This does, however, come at the cost of mid-tier Japanese tanks usually lacking in good armor protection.


Please be aware that the required amount of playtime to acquire some tanks is not included in this table and will simply will be marked with a ⏰ and premium tanks/gold tanks are marked with a ⭐ and event tanks are marked with a 🎁.


Tank Name

Tank Type





Type 97 Chi-Ni Light Tank 0 0 0
Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu

Light Tank 0 0 450


Type 5 Ke-Ho Light Tank 380,000 15,000 0
Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank 205,000 5,200 0
Type 1 Ho-Ni I Tank Destroyer 205,000 5,200 0
Type 3 Chi-Nu Medium Tank 750,000 25,500 0


Type 4 Chi-To Medium Tank 930,000 30,500 0
Heavy Tank No. VI

Heavy Tank 0 0 1,200



Main Battle Tank 0 0 0




Main Battle Tank 0 0 0


  • Due to Japan being a Naval Power, tank development was simply not of major importance.
  • Japanese tanks during WW2 were designated by their intended type. For example, the term Chi in Chi-Ha, Chi-Ni, and Chi-Nu means "Medium Tank" while the words after the designation determines what model it is.
  • The STB-1 is no longer available as of January 2018.
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