The STA-1 is a tier 4 Japanese main battle tank and is also a reward for players reaching 72 hours of playtime.


The first Japanese post-war tank was developed on the basis of U.S. vehicles. The STA-1 was developed, taking into consideration Japanese terrain, rail network specifications, and anthropometric data of Japanese tankers. Only one prototype was built in December 1956. It was succeeded by the STA-3 and STA-4 which would become the Type 61.


The STA-1 is a Japanese Main Battle Tank in tier 4, the tank strengths are its good penetration value, rather good maneuverability and a somewhat low profile. These stats allows the STA-1 to be able to reach a point relatively fast while still packing a decent punch.

Its weaknesses comes at the rather unsatisfactory armor thickness and the turret unable to fully traverse due to the large engine deck in the rear. These weaknesses makes the STA-1 unable to reliably bounce shells and hit tanks that is on its rear effectively.

When playing the STA-1, it is advised to not rush the enemy and brawl, this will result with the STA-1 being destroyed quite easily due to the lack of armor it possesses in order to brawl. The STA-1 is best used as a support tank and provide firing support for the team while still being relatively safe behind a cover. The mobility of the STA-1 is capable of making the tank reach a point in quick succession and retreat relatively high speed.


  • Excellent maneuverability with near instant top speed and reverse speed
  • Low profile
  • Good penetration value for its tier
  • Free unlockable
  • Effective sniper tank
  • High DPM for T4


  • Turret is not fully traversable, due to the engine deck at the rear of the vehicle.
  • Terrible all-around armor, most tier 2+ tanks can penetrate you.
  • Shell drop is slightly more than that of other tanks.


  • It replaced the STB-1 as the 72 hour playtime reward tank.

Real Life Trivia 

  • It was one of the many prototypes for the Type 61 and is the predecessor to the STB-1.
  • It was one of Japan's first Main Battle Tanks.



The STA-1 prototype.

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