The Soviet Union is one of the nations in Tankery and the tanks are in the default color of evergreen. This tech tree features good all-around armor thickness that mount powerful guns, especially "derp" guns such as the SU-152 and KV-2.

Tier Statistics

Low Tier

At low tier, Soviet tanks have thin all-around armor with decent guns that have the average performance of a tier I gun, decent armor penetration, low DPS, but good reload speed. For mobility, many Soviet tanks can achieve speeds of 40 km/h or higher, exceeding mobility performance of many other Soviet low tier tanks. This also makes the tank a much harder target to hit, coupled with its low profile.

Mid Tier

Soviet tanks at the mid-tier can achieve an astounding level of damage input if used correctly in the given circumstances. This does, however, come with the penalty of the weak armor that is commonly seen throughout the mid-tier tanks. An essential part of using mid-tier Soviet tanks could be the element of surprise or ambush whenever the situation seems necessary.

High Tier

Soviet tanks at high-tier is similar to their mid-tier counterpart, the tanks can achieve moderately high levels of damage while being very well armored with most being quite maneuverable. These achievements allow high-tier Soviet tanks to be able to brawl quite effectively while being fairly maneuverable.


Please be aware that the required amount of playtime to acquire some tanks is not included in this table and will simply will be marked with a ⏰ and premium tanks/gold tanks are marked with a ⭐ and event tanks are marked with a 🎁.


Tank Name

Tank Type





T-26 Light Tank 0 0 0
T-50 Light Tank 140,000 3,800 0
T-46 Light Tank 38,500 1,400 0
GAZ-MM (72-K) SPAA 50,500 2,300 0


T-28 Medium Tank 135,000 5,000 0
T-34/76 Mod 1940 Medium Tank 336,700 11,500 0
T-34/76 Mod 1943 Medium Tank 536,700 11,500 0
KV-1 Heavy Tank 390,000 13,500 0
SU-85b Tank Destroyer 127,000 4,200 0


T-34-85 Medium Tank 915,000 27,825 0
Tiger T-34 🎁(Unobtainable) Heavy Tank 1,050,00 35,050 0
KV-85 Heavy Tank 900,000 26,700 0
KV-2 Heavy Artillery Tank 920,000 26,700 0
SU-152 Self-Propelled Heavy Howitzer 1,000,000 30,700 0
SU-85 Tank Destroyer 414,000 30,000 0


IS-2 Heavy Tank 1,450,000 52,000 0
T-44 Medium Tank 2,390,000 93,653 0
SU-122-44 Tank Destroyer 2,560,000 142,000 0
T-44-122 ⭐ Medium Tank 0 0 1750


IS-3 Heavy Tank 2,568,000 78,000 0
T-54 Mod 1951 Main Battle Tank 3,450,000 142,000 0
T-54b No. 059' ' Main Battle Tank 0 0 2250
T-10 Heavy Tank 3,531,000 164,700 0


T-62A Main Battle Tank 9,100,000 216,000 0


  • The Soviet tech tree includes the GAZ-MM (72-K), which is the first SPAA added to Tankery.
  • Most Soviet tanks in the game lack good gun depression.
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