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Welcome, to the Official Tankery Wiki! This Wiki will focus on all of Tankery's Tank statistics; Tanks appearances, Map statistics, currency, and much more! We are still currently undergoing renovation, however, so this page is not complete yet.

What is Tankery?

Tankery is a Prestige Tank Combat game on Roblox created by GregTame on August 22nd, 2015. It places you in command of a tank, ready for combat and to battle it out against the enemy team! Destroyed in combat? No matter as you can always spawn in anytime with the spawn button! As you further progress into the game and gain more currency, you can always purchase a new tank through the menu and into the shop! Upgrade your arsenal, jump into intense tank battles, and duke it out on a variety of maps! What are you waiting for? Jump into Tankery on Roblox and check it out for yourself here, or click here if you have Discord.


In Tankery, you can take command of various tanks to choose from multiple countries:

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Tankery Guide

If you want a guide on various features and mechanics of Tankery, there's a guidebook: Tankery Guide. For others who seek a guide and wish to participate on contributing for the wiki, there's also a guide page: Guide for Wiki Editors.

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