United states

The United States is one of the nations in Tankery. American tanks offer the player well-diverse tanks. Currently, there are 31 tanks with a default color of light-green.

Tier Statistics

Low Tier

In low tier, the American tanks are lightly armored all-round, making them very vulnerable. Their main armament has good armor penetration and reload speed, but most suffer from a lack of DPS. This means American tanks may have a rough time destroying other tanks. In addition, many of these tanks can reach high speeds, causing them to be a formidable opponent if used right. However, this also means that the tank has the possibility of flipping other tanks, including yourself, on certain map terrain features.

Mid Tier

Like most tanks in the game, mid-tier American tanks can be penetrated by other enemy tanks above its tier, and possibly even many low tiers. For a mid-tier tank, their guns are a substantial improvement over their low tier counterparts. When engaging the enemy, the player may be capable of destroying enemy tanks with ease because of their good DPS, average armor penetration, and excellent reload speed. For maneuverability, many American tanks at mid-tier are slightly slow but are still fast compared to the T110E5. Other American tanks can also reach high top speeds, making them a difficult target to hit, but have thin armor.

High Tier

In high tier, American tanks consist of thick armor but are vulnerable mainly on its turret and rear. Their main armament can send devastating rounds into the enemy, causing panic and confusion if used for ambushes or multi-tank offensives. However, this also comes at a cost as most high tier American tanks have poor top speed and maneuverability including gun reloading speed. This means that the player will need to be much more cautious in combat and stick with their team, especially in close-quarters combat.


Please be aware that the required amount of playtime to acquire some tanks is not included in this table and will simply will be marked with a ⏰ and premium tanks/gold tanks are marked with a ⭐ and event tanks are marked with a 🎁.


Tank name

Tank Type





M2 Light Light Tank 0 0 0
T1E6 ⭐ Light Tank 0 0 450
M5A1 Stuart Light Tank 400,000 10,500 0
Honda Civic 🎁


Car 0 0 0


M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer 400,000 10,500 0
M4 Sherman Medium Tank 350,000 14,055 0
T67 Tank Destroyer 400,000 10,500 0


M4A1 (76) W Medium Tank 450,000 16,000 0
M4A2 Medium Tank 0 0 450
M4A2 (76) W Medium Tank 650,000  26,000  0
M4A3 105 HVVS Sherman Medium Tank 930,000 30,500 0
M4A3 (76) W Medium Tank 930,000 30,500 0
M4A3E8 Fury Medium Tank 0 0 1,300
M4A3E2 (76) W Heavy Tank 1,030,000 35,500 0
M24 Chaffee Light Tank 405,000 10,000 0
M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer 950,000 25,500 0


T23E3 Medium Tank 1,430,000 36,000 0
M26 Pershing Medium Tank 2,403,000 98,000 0
M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer 884,200 58,000 0

Tank Destroyer 0 0 1,800
T28 Prototype ⭐ Tank Destroyer 0 0 1,600


M41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank 1,370,000 58,000 0
T95E6 ⭐ Medium Tank 0 0 2,250
T32 Heavy Tank 2,610,000 100,000 0
T34 Heavy Heavy Tank 3,640,000 164,700 0
ShtuG 🎁


Tank Destroyer 3,000,000 300,000 0
T28 Tank Destroyer 3,200,000 160,000 0
M48A1 Patton Main Battle Tank 6,100,000 160,000 0


M48A5 Patton Main Battle Tank 9,100,000 200,000 0
M-24 IMI-OTO 60mm⭐ Light Tank 0 0 2,400
M-60 ⭐ Medium Tank 0 0 3,300
T110E5 Heavy Tank 6,100,000 183,010 0


  • The United States was the first tech tree to include a wheeled vehicle.
  • The M26 Pershing in this tech tree was one of the first tanks ever added to Tankery.
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